[FFmpeg-user] Slicing a 4K video to images and then encoding them back using the same codec

Marcelo Boufleur mboufleur at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 17:08:37 CET 2015

> Marcelo I tried using ffprobe but couldn’t get all the data I needed I
> used " ffprobe -v info -show_format -show_streams" ( or verbose).
> Seemed like the same info is already located in the ffmpeg\ffprobe first
> output-lines.
> Any suggestions?

Not really... You question seem quite similar as this one
from VideoHelp's forum

>From what I have seen in forums and posts, ffprobe and mediainfo will both
provide you with some info at the original specs, but you will still lack
some parameters for a complete and fully compliant encoding and

Have you checked the commercial solutions Videoredo
<http://www.videoredo.com/>or TMPGEnc Smart Renderer

You may also post a request at the FFmpeg's but track system
<https://trac.ffmpeg.org/> for a feature within ffmpeg that could
accomplish this.

Marcelo Boufleur

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