[FFmpeg-user] Rotating an mp4 video on Windows

Kieran O Leary kieran.o.leary at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 11:03:09 EEST 2016

Hi Elie

On 8 Aug 2016 8:49 a.m., "Elie Grouchko" <elie at grouchko.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to ffmpeg.
> I have been trying to rotate an mp4 video file on Windows, without
affecting the quality, encoding, etc., but the output file is not
compatible with WMP.
> The command I have been using:
> ffmpeg -i  source.mp4 -vf "transpose=2" target.mp4

Can you send on the full, uncut console output as well as the WMP error?
This will give us an idea of what, if anything ffmpeg is changing. Does the
video play back as expected in VLC?


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