[FFmpeg-user] new error

Peter White peter.white at posteo.net
Wed Aug 10 15:40:25 EEST 2016

Last try. Really!

10.08.2016 01:31 juan carlos Rebate:
> 2016-08-10 0:05 GMT+02:00 Peter White <peter.white at posteo.net>:
> I if I try to cooperate, but you are wrong, I read all the documentation says
> about the http protocol and there is nothing that serves as support for this
> error solvetar

You know what, you spend and awful lot of time justifying your
non-cooperation. All this back and forth is just exhausting, don't you
think? Instead of second-guessing people asking for information, why
not simply provide it? You could have a solution by now, if you actually
cared for having your problem fixed. And everyone, especially you
yourself, would be happier.

Until now, it is not even quite clear to me, what you expect as a
result of this conversation. A bugfix, help with command line usage or

Yes, there will be useless, or more precisely irrelevant, information in 
the command output as well, but you cannot know in advance which is
which, hence people keep asking for *complete*, *uncut* *output*. Which
should be a strong hint that there is actually something useful in
And don't give me that thousand lines crap. Make your terminal windows
wider and there will only be one status line. Or disable it:

$ ffmpeg -nostats ...

Or just cut all status lines except the last one. After all, that's how
it is supposed to work. And I *do* mean, cut the *status* line only,
_*not*_ the whole console output.

I also appreciate that you are not a native speaker, I am not one
myself, so misunderstandings can happen. But they need to be cleared up
in order to have a productive conversation. So, better ask twice than
not at all.

And I was an ffmpeg newbie once, too. Maybe I still am. But I did get
the information that all options start with a dash (-) from the very
documentation you keep calling erroneous. It just does not get repeated
every single time. The user is expected to understand the concept.

@all, is it just me or was this mail delayed by more than 12 hours?


P.S.: Don't bother replying, if you keep doing the same thing, you have
been asked to stop doing. BTW, to keep doing the same thing and
expecting different results is a symptom of insanity. Einstein said

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