[FFmpeg-user] Need to convert .m4e to .ts

Moritz Barsnick barsnick at gmx.net
Thu Aug 18 21:10:04 EEST 2016

Hi Jason,

On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 12:16:16 -0500, Jason Reeves wrote:
> $ avprobe video-MP4V-ES-1-00000-00060.m4e
> avprobe version 9.18-6:9.18-0ubuntu0.14.04.1+fdkaac, Copyright (c)
> 2007-2014 the Libav developers
>   built on Apr 10 2015 23:18:58 with gcc 4.8 (Ubuntu 4.8.2-19ubuntu1)

This is *NOT* the ffmpeg support on this list, sorry. Please be sure to
be using a very recent (git master HEAD) version of ffmpeg when
reporting issues. The ffmpeg supported on this list is the one
from https://www.ffmpeg.org/.

> $ ffmpeg -i video-MP4V-ES-1-00000-00060.m4e -codec copy -f mpegts video.ts

Once you are sure you have the proper ffmpeg, please provide the
complete, uncut console output along with the command line.

But I am quite convinced your issues will go away once you use the
proper version. ;-)


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