[FFmpeg-user] Can't stop recording

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 20:40:25 EEST 2016


2016-08-23 5:13 GMT+02:00 estaker <ellie.staker at gmail.com>:
> spookybathtub wrote
>> I'm trying to capture a stream from a webcam, and it says "press [q] to
>> stop, [?] for help".  But neither of those keys has any effect.  The only
>> way I can get it to stop is by pressing ctrl-C repeatedly, and then it
>> gives an error and the output file is not playable.  I'm running ffmpeg in
>> Terminal in OS X 10.10.5.  The webcam is a Logitech c920.
> Were you able to find a solution to this?

Command line and complete, uncut console output missing / the broken
output file should be fixed in current FFmpeg.

Carl Eugen

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