[FFmpeg-user] What is Segmentation fault: 11 ?

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 22:48:57 EEST 2016

2016-08-23 21:10 GMT+02:00 Nomis101 🐝 <Nomis101 at web.de>:
> Am 23.08.16 um 20:49 schrieb Carl Eugen Hoyos:
>>> What option is most likely to cause this?
>> This is what I would like you to tell us so we can find out if there is a
>> bug that can be fixed within FFmpeg.
> This will mean I need to do several builds and leave out another of my
> options every time. This will take a while...

You start with removing everything between --enable-avisynth and
--enable-openssl and confirm that the crash still happens.
Then you remove --enable-lto (or test with --enable-lto only)
because this is the most time-consuming of your options.

Some of the strange other options you use are probably the culprit
but a bug in lto optimization is always possible.

Carl Eugen

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