[FFmpeg-user] top posting issue

Roman romeo.r at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 12:30:33 CET 2016

why should *we* suck your quoting style?

you should not. just don't reply, if you don't like the style. To try
to convince every one to change their habits due to minority being upset. I
think, such approach will make everyone happy.

why should someone use gmail-webinterface when gmail also works fine with
any MUA supporting IMAP and SMTP ?

Why should I use IMAP from Jurassic age? I prefer MAPI. I always shut the
IMAP and POP3 (both SSL and not) protocols down on all of my servers. Its
21. century, Hello?!

why can't you use the right tool for the right task

same to top-post haters. Use forums.

why don't you complain to gmail so that they make a better interface which
is useable for list-communication?

gmail is pretty big company and they dictate standards, not minority.

IDK if gmail will now quote the text.. I did it like i had to: copy/paste
lines from the whole quoted e-mail. So its not me :D

Best regards,

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