[FFmpeg-user] top posting issue

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Feb 4 13:49:39 CET 2016

Am 04.02.2016 um 13:45 schrieb Roman:
>> that below is the perfect example how shitty your mailing style is
>> nobody is any longer able to guess who said what in what context
>> I understand your frustration, but please, try to stay calm. I'm not a PC
> beginner, I've got really about 12 years of technical experience in *nix
> and networking world and some years is OSCs

one reason more to learn handle a mail-client :-)

> and there are only few of them,
> that really want people stop top-posting, but never understood why. So I'm
> really glad I've found some people, who is patient enough to explain me
> why, and as you can see from my posts, I even try to adopt myself for this,
> while I could just behave like selfish dude and tell everyone to fuck off
> and stop being full of bullshit.

yes you can, but don't forget you want help from people on the list and 
not the other direction....

> Well, back to the topic... Is it better now? Do you guys see those first
> two lines as quoted and my reply at the bottom?

yes and you will also see a hirarchy on my reply now

one thing: your quoting missed the "person said on date time" which is 
important for a full context

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