[FFmpeg-user] FFplay questions

Christoph Gerstbauer christophgerstbauer at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 12:16:13 CET 2016


1.) The positioning with ffplay via the Videpicture clicking works very 
I click into the picture and immediately I get to the percentual 
position (100 percent= width of the video window) of the video.

When using the comando -ss It take longer as logn the file is.
Examples: 30min file -> very fast
4h file (avi, huffyuv) -> 2 seconds waiting time.

It it possible to speed the seeking time via -ss up so that I get a 
reaction time like via clicking into the videopicture?

2.) Is there a shortcut to go one frame backward?
Only forward is possible by using the S key.
Backward would also be very helpfull.

I got the recommendation, that I should not use FFplay as VideoPlayer.
And is there a player alternative outside which can be used als 
alternative to VLC, MPlayer oder FFplay?

Usecase: I want to play and seek frame by frame inside of video files 
like AVI with huffyuv, or MXF with MPEG2.
And the seeking should work very fast, also with longer files (4h).

Best Regards

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