[FFmpeg-user] alternating two images

Stefano Sabatini stefasab at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 18:52:13 CET 2016

On date Thursday 2016-02-11 17:58:35 +0100, Michael Koch wrote:
> Hello all,
> let's assume I have two images and want to see them alternating with
> framerate 1.
> image1, image2, image1, image2 and so on, and stop after 60 seconds.
> I could make 60 copies of the images and rename them with numbers
> from 0 to 59.

You could generate a constant stream from both images, and then use
select to select odd/even frames, and use interleave to merge the two

I don't know if you can do this with a single command though (the part
generating a video from the single image).


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