[FFmpeg-user] Taking screenshots before and after re-encoding

Martin Cracauer cracauer at cons.org
Sat Feb 13 16:12:16 CET 2016

Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote on Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 02:27:38PM +0000: 
> Martin Cracauer <cracauer <at> cons.org> writes:
> > However, I don't seem to be able to "grab" the output of 
> > the reencoding.  So to speak there is no name given to 
> > it to then use in a second filter_complex.
> This is correct.

Thanks, Carl.  Much appreciated.

Out of curiosity, is there ever a need for a second filter_complex? Is
there anything that ffmpeg can do that you cannot put into a
filter_complex so that you then have to have a second one after the
non-filter-complex statement?  (and where you can actually grab the
output of same in the second -fc)

> > #! /bin/sh
> Just a general remark:
> When you ask for support on this mailing list, please 
> (test current FFmpeg git head and) provide your actual 
> (simplified) command line together with the complete, 
> uncut console output, no scripts please.

Will do.  Looking at it it has a couple of annoying indirections that
you don't notice after a while but that make bad mailing list content.

I was using git from yesterday.  Working spendidly, BTW.  Very happy
and it was a fun fight for the screenshots.

Martin Cracauer <cracauer at cons.org>   http://www.cons.org/cracauer/

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