[FFmpeg-user] Timestamps for mpjpeg demuxer

q14xrl166ovh00 at freenet.de q14xrl166ovh00 at freenet.de
Wed Feb 17 21:33:09 CET 2016

Hi fellows,

my first post, so let me know if something's wrong with me. ;)
This is a general question, so I have no command line yet to post here.

Q: Using the mpjpeg demuxer, is it possible to force ffmpeg.exe to use
the system timer as the timestamp for demuxed frames? As the stream
doesn't provide a timestamp, timestamps naturally starts with zero. I
can not specify the "-itsoffset" option because, at the point in time at
which I start ffmpeg, I do not have the value yet.

Alternatively: As I wrote the TCP server providing the stream myself, is
there a way for me to supply the timestamp within the MIME message along
with each jpeg image, maybe as an additional header line (one like the
"Content-Length" header)? Or, otherwise, can you recommend a different
container (still sent via TCP) that is as simple as mpjpeg but
additonally allows me to provide a timestamp for each frame?


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