[FFmpeg-user] Timestamps for mpjpeg demuxer

Dmpfbck xbtw0hx96ql8t8aj_ffmpeg at freenet.de
Thu Feb 18 22:13:11 CET 2016

Am 18.02.2016 um 12:15 schrieb Dmpfbck:
> Conclusion: I must find a way to provide the real timestamp for every
> video frame. It's been recorded within my program, but I can't send it
> along with every frame within a mpjpeg stream. That's why I'm curious if
> there is any other simple streaming protocol in which I can send a jpeg
> frame + timestamp, and that doesn't require me reading dozends of
> specification documents.

Meanwhile tested RTP protocol which provides timestamps and allows JPEG
tranport. Apart from the fact that it requires additional JPEG specific
headers that I'm not able to provide at the moment, the protocol sets
aside only a single byte for the frame width. The value must be
multiplied by 8, so the maximum value is 255 * 8 = 2040. But my frames
are 2560 in width. :-/ So, RTP is not an option, too.

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