[FFmpeg-user] [Fedora] Installing from source

matt clark liquefry at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 04:19:52 CET 2016

> f you don't know enough about configuring (its not a big deal, I don't
> know much also) it means, you don't really need to compile nor build
> something from sources (otherwise you'd be an expert already). Its boring
> and many times pretty painful process. Just use the static daily builds,
> not build it yourself.

I normally use repos but I needed an up to date ffmpeg, and my linux server
uses EOL Fedora 21 (I use Amahi) which doesnt have a recent ffmpeg build.
The only way to get this is compiling from source.  While I suggested I'm
no expert, I have quite a bit of experience in compiling from source as
plenty of programs are not built for Fedora.  This one wasnt too painful
actually, the wiki instructions were clear.  The only reason I posted here
at all is that following the instructions as presented in the wiki gave me
an error because a required library was missing; I just wanted to share how
I got around it to help anyone else that might run into the same problem!

Not a big deal :).  Hopefully this discussion will help someone in the

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