[FFmpeg-user] unsupported marker error

Tibi toxy21 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 23:58:39 CET 2016


I'm new here. And i'm new to the ffmpeg, too.

I have a movie in DCP format. And i should make a blu-ray from it. So i
thought with ffmpeg easily can do it. Earlier i used the ffmpeg to convert
DCP-s to prores. Although they was only short DCP-s (advertisement,
trailer.. not an enterily movie).

So i used this command to make the prores mov from DCP:

ffmpeg -i video.mxf -i audio.mxf -c:v prores -c:a copy outputFilename.mov

But at the 5847 frame, i get this error:

unsupported marker 0x2DDB at pos 0xB20C2
invalid len 19488 left 18192


I tried another method, when i convert the mxf to tiff images., but at the
5847 frame, i get the same error.

What would cause the error? Or what is it?

I really appreciate if someone could help.

And sorry my bad english, i'm hungarian.


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