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> Subject: [FFmpeg-user] Batch transcode and rename
> I'm very new to ffmpeg but tell me if this is impossible. I'd like to have a
> command to convert all the files in a folder to prores proxy, and copy the
> audio without modification. Then I'd like to rename the transcodes to match
> original file names and rename the original files with any suffix or prefix to
> denote that they're the originals.

On Windows you can create a batch file called, say, convert.bat that contains something like:

@echo off

for %%I in (%1) do (
    : Rename filename.ext to filename.org.ext
    ren %%I ^"%%~nI.org%%~xI^"
    : Encode filename.org.ext to filename.ext (illustrative basic command line only)
    ffmpeg -i ^"%%~dpnI.org%%~xI^" -c:v prores -c:a copy %%I

You could process multiple input files with one command, e.g.

    convert *.mov

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