[FFmpeg-user] Feeding DVR to ffserver

Jimmy Asher jasher at safarimontage.com
Wed Feb 24 15:28:48 CET 2016

FYI: This thread considers top posing “rude"

On 2/24/16, 9:16 AM, "ffmpeg-user on behalf of Alex Povolotsky" <ffmpeg-user-bounces at ffmpeg.org on behalf of tarkhil at corp.infotel.ru> wrote:

>Skipping comments:
>HTTPPort 8090
>MaxHTTPConnections 2000
>MaxClients 1000
>MaxBandwidth 1000
>CustomLog -
><Feed feed1.ffm>
>File /tmp/feed1.ffm

Can ffserver write to this location?

>FileMaxSize 200K
>ACL allow
><Stream cam1-2.mpg>
>Feed feed1.ffm
>Format mpeg
>AudioChannels 0

Instead of AudioChannels 0 use NoAudio

>VideoBitRate 64
>VideoBufferSize 40
>VideoFrameRate 3
>VideoSize 160x128
>VideoGopSize 12
><Stream test.asf>
>Feed feed1.ffm
>Format asf
>VideoFrameRate 15
>VideoSize 352x240
>VideoBitRate 256
>VideoBufferSize 40
>VideoGopSize 30
>AudioBitRate 64
><Stream stat.html>
>Format status
><Redirect index.html>
>URL http://www.ffmpeg.org/

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