[FFmpeg-user] Remux TS to MPG: spedify stream order

Dmpfbck xbtw0hx96ql8t8aj_ffmpeg at freenet.de
Mon Feb 29 17:18:32 CET 2016

(I'm fighting with Thunderbird that has really a problem with editting plain-text messages. ^^)

If you don't mind, I'm dropping the personal issues and focus on the
main question only.

>>> ac3 in MPEG-1 system streams is not widely supported,
>>> consider using the vob or the dvd muxer to force a
>>> MPEG-2 program stream.
> (Did your read and test this?)

I read it, but I didn't find the appropriate muxer in the documentation.
(meanwhile I know it, so no need to discus this again)

>> Which muxer is it? I didn't find it.
> $ ffmpeg -formats
> lists both the vob and the dvd muxer.
> Use one of them.

I did this one time in the past, but due to the complexity of the project,
I did not think of this right now but looked in the documentation instead.

>> In the past years, the most reliable solution was
>> demuxing by ProjectX and muxing with the
>> ImagoMPEG-Muxer.
> This should not be necessary: Contrary to the ts muxer,
> the mpegps muxers are supposed to work fine.

The question is not if it is necessary. I was just giving you a piece
of information. It was working reliably in opposite to multiple other
solutions I've tried in the past (when I've not even heared of FFmpeg).
My TV recording management software is based on these two applications,
and as it worked, there was no need to change it.

In general, you can always favor one solution/program over the other,
but in the end, it's one's own decision which one considers the best
/compromise/. So you stick with it even if that solution has it's
drawbacks. However, from time to time, it makes sense to look around
if there are better alternatives - but I don't do this every day.

>> I need an .mpg file in the end.
> You can give your output file any name you want;-)

You know what I mean. FFmpeg derives the output container format
from the extension, and nowadays, ".mp(e)g" means /normally/ MPEG-2,
not MPEG-1. So, if I rephrase it for you, I need an MPEG-2 (PS) 
compliant container format. ;)

Anyway, with the "-f dvd" option, the resulting file works well
with the relevant programs I use.

So, problem solved. Thanks for your support!

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