[FFmpeg-user] Increasing audio

Cecil Westerhof Cecil at decebal.nl
Sat Apr 1 23:21:04 EEST 2017

I was asked to make videos during a ToastMasters contest. I had
ordered a microphone for this, but sadly it did not arrive in time. So
I needed to use the internal microphone from my Canon HS60 SX. Being
away about ten meters from the speakers, their voices are much to
soft. So I needed to pump up the audio. I did this with:
    ffmpeg -y -i speaker.MP4 -vcodec copy -af volume=3 speakerAudioInc.MP4

Is that the correct way, or is there a better way?

When using 4 there where to much distortions.

I suppose there is no (easy) solution for my next question. But it
does not hurt to ask.
There where only windows at one side of the room. So often the faces
are at the window side overexposed. Is there something I can do about

Cecil Westerhof
Senior Software Engineer
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/cecilwesterhof

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