[FFmpeg-user] Unable to make FFMPEG to work with Icecast2 Server

Edgar H kaotixpro at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 01:42:50 EET 2017

Hey guys,

I'm really struggling with the following problem, a problem I had solved
few months ago and now that I revisit it, it doesn't work anymore...

At the moment I have a Java desktop application which spits audio bytes
through the stdout, bytes that ffmpeg must receive. I've done this using
some libraries in Java so I don't need to wrap everything in a batch file
whatsoever, but for testing I'm just using the Windows cmd to quick test it.

Basically I'm using the > operator to send the stdout data to ffmpeg in the
following way...

java -jar folder_in_project_root/streamer.jar > ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg.exe -f
s16le -ar 48000 -ac 2 -i - -f ogg -content_type application/ogg icecast://
hackme:hackme at

When I tested this months ago, FFMPEG shown the data that was being
streamed along more stats, but now when I execute the command nothing
happens, it just hangs.

Maybe it isn't able to connect to Icecast? Should I do something with ports
or something to make it even work in localhost?

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