[FFmpeg-user] Convert Single Image

Kieran O Leary kieran.o.leary at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 20:17:08 EET 2017


On 4 Dec 2017 17:45, "Damien Gallagher" <damien.gallagher at gmail.com> wrote:


I am trying to convert a single jpg image to a video
I am creating a list of training videos and I want to an intro video based
on images I create used Graphics2D in java

When I run the following command - it runs fine
ffmpeg.exe -y -v error -i intro.jpg -r 1/5 intro_1.mp4

The file will play on my pc but it wont play in youtube or on my android

Are there any restrictions on the image type / size or the generated video?

It might be a pixel format compatibility issue. (Are you using it  VLC on
your PC by any chance?)

Try adding
-pix_fmt yuv420p
to your command line and see if that helps.

We will most likely be able to figure it out if you copy/paste your
complete uncut terminal output into this email thread.



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