[FFmpeg-user] timebase mismatch error

parth awasthi parth1093 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 12:37:45 EET 2017

hey, ffmpeg code is showing me time base mismatch error from last 5 days. I
have not found any solution for this error on internet. My timebase got
stuck at 25 fps and no videos other than 25 fps is converting. Thank you in

This is my code -:
exec("$ffmpeg -i $target_file   -c:v libx264  -b:v 54k -pass 1   -r 15 -b:a
128k -f mp4 -y NUL && ^",$result);

exec("$ffmpeg -i $target_file   -c:v libx264  -b:v 54k -pass 2  -r 15 -b:a
128k  2>&1 $firstMp4", $result);

This is an error-:

[libx264 @ 000000ca0bd02480] timebase mismatch with 1st pass (1/15 vs 1/25)'

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