[FFmpeg-user] Help with -video_size

Tim Hiles thiles at confex.com
Fri Jan 6 22:47:50 EET 2017

Hi Moritz, Roger

Hi Moritz

> >
> > Can you be a bit more clear? Are you trying to record the full 1366x768
> > and resize it to 1024x768, or are you trying to capture only 1024x768
> > of your screen?

I wanted to resize to 1024x768. Not capture part of the screen.

If you only want a segment of your desktop, you can let dshow capture
> the complete 1366x768, and have ffmpeg crop the video to the part you
> want to preserve. Insert (e.g.) "-vf crop=x=0:y=0:w=1024:h=768".

Again, I don't want to crop it, however your suggestion reminded me of the
scaling filter, I see there is -vf scale=1024:-1 The question I would have
though is whether you believe filters create more work for ffmpeg or the
computer as opposed to regular parameters such as -video_size? In other
words, is a filter considered re-encoding where -video_size wouldn't be.
Either way, I plan on testing with the filter.

Hi Roger,

> >   By default, it captures the "full screen" of the main desktop monitor
> >   [...] To configure it differently, run the provided "configuration
> >   setup utilities/shortcuts" or adjust registry settings before
> >   starting a run (advanced users only) [...]
> I think it might respect video_size as well but I'm not certain, and
> definitely not sure if it i truncates versus scaled or what not,
> anyway you could try it.  Yes, I'm not sure and I wrote it  LOL, guess
> it's been awhile.

I noticed the code hasn't been updated in awhile on the git page. Have you
stopped development? I'm curious, was the initial intention of you writing
this program, a response of ffmpeg not having GDIgrab or disliking the
results at the time?  If you disliked the results, would you say GDIgrab
has improved?  Would you recommend using GDIgrab? Is that something that
ffmpeg devs are consistently developing? And if so, is this why you've
stopped development of screen capture recorder? My concern I suppose is
will screen-capture-recorder be unusable as ffmpeg develops. Let me make it
clear there is no judgement here either way, I just want to know for my own
future development as I like the results of screen-capture-recorder.



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