[FFmpeg-user] Question about video compositing

Steve Boyer steveboyer85 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 04:29:48 EET 2017

> Any suggestions on if either of these approaches is better, or any
> alternatives? Thanks!

Hi! I've done something similar to doing this, but I ended up using a
non-linear video editor. Specifically, I used kdenlive. It can do keyframe
animation, so combine that with fade-ins/fade from blacks (audio/video
filters) as well as fade-outs/fade to blacks, and you can do multiple
tracks combined into a single output video with animations/fades when a
stream ends. The downsides are that kdenlive, despite being the best video
editor on linux (IMHO), is a little buggy, is all CPU-based when it comes
to rendering and output file, for stability purposes it is recommended to
use a single thread, you will have to manually put things together and time
them, and need to use a GUI to do it all.

I'd be happy to help with suggestions if you go this route, but understand
if you want to go a different way (and I'd be interested if anyone has
other suggestions how this can be accomplished via FFmpeg or CLI tools).


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