[FFmpeg-user] Subtitles with accent marks not being burnt in

Sean seanm at goldeneraproductions.org
Thu Jan 12 20:16:53 EET 2017

>Hi all,
>I'm running version N-82966-g6993bb4 of ffmpeg on Windows 7 64-bit:
>Burning in subtitles works fine for me, except I notice that lines are omitted if they contain an accent: for example, several lines of subtitles >containing the name "Champs-Elysées" are omitted. (Note the entire line is omitted.)
>The command I use is the typical one:
>ffmpeg -i input.mkv -vf subtitles=input.srt -vcodec libx264 -acodec ac3 output.mp4
>I've included my fonts.conf below - perhaps something is missing from it?

Might be nothing but is the srt saved as Unicode text or ANSI? I have done a lot of subtitle burn in with the SubStation Alpha format and text files must be in UTF-8 format for it to work.


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