[FFmpeg-user] De-telecine, deinterlace, and filter chains

Billy billy at nlcc.us
Mon Jan 23 11:19:47 EET 2017

On 1/23/2017 12:02 AM, Mike Brown wrote:
>> But this method didn't seem to have any real effect on my video. It's a
>> long video, so I have made a shortened version available to see if anyone
>> has seen such a case. It's in 1080p and 23.97 fps. I'd like to save it in a
>> similar frame rate and size, but to be honest, the frame rate could be just
>> about anything as long as the interlacing was gone.
> It is 29.97, not 23.97.
>> I tried checking for interlacing on the original video... None of the
>> frames are set as interlaced when I ran ffprobe.
>> The (short) video (6MB):
>> https://www.datafilehost.com/d/5474b665
> So, is this video the original, or the output of something you tried?
> If it is the original, I'm not sure you can do anything about it.  Why,
> because it is progressive video.  To IVTC requires interlaced video @
> 59.94 fields per sec, so that the 2:3 pulldown pattern can be found and
> removed.  You can't find the 2:3 pulldown pattern in progressive video.
> While we humans can see the 2:3 pulldown pattern, I'm not sure what filter
> can.
> Maybe someone has a way, but I certainly do not know it.
> MB

Yep. 29.97.
You watched a shortened "original."

I produced it for you thusly so you could wince along with me:

ffmpeg -ss 28:21 -t 6 -i in.mp4 -c:v copy out-short.mp4

The results of my deinterlacing attempts looked the same as this.

Thanks for your comments. My hope is that the miscreant who transcoded it into 
progressive and left all of the artifacts... doesn't do this any more. My eyes 

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