[FFmpeg-user] Upskill to FFmpeg the TimeStamp Correction

ilker tezcan ilkertezcan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 21:02:33 EET 2017

Dear FFmpeg Developers,

If FFmpeg is able to of the timestamp correction, there is bug.

If FFmpeg is not able to of the timestamp correction, there is a project 
open-source. Maybe FFmpeg' experts can include it as a library.

May you want for reproduce?

The sample file (On a Media Player software, I played only a few scenes 
a video):

The original video:
Original timestamp: 10:58

Timestamp still remains with the original video (10:58!?). Therefore, 
need fix the timestamp.

While FFmpeg can't do this, The Project Meteorite (MKV Repair Engin) can do.

But the Meteorite is outdated (stuck issue). Therefore, firstly the file 
need remuxed with FFmpeg before Meteorite.

ffmpeg-3.1.5 -i "ElephantsDream_only_a_few_scenes.mkv" -c:v copy -c:a 
copy -sn "ElephantsDream_only_a_few_scenes_remuxed.mkv"

Why v3.1.5? Can be use any build of FFmpeg but not after 3.1.5. Because 
of on all later/GIT versions after version 3.1.5,  FFmpeg can't remuxed 
properly. Something must have changed after v3.1.5.

As you can see duration of 
"ElephantsDream_only_a_few_scenes_remuxed.mkv" file, FFmpeg couldn't 
correct the timestamp.

Andrew Barnert forked the Meteorite: https://github.com/abarnert/meteorite

Chris Bielow "removed unnecessary wx-includes for the CLI version":

Use meteorite-cli file is enough. Run:

 >> meteorite-cli ElephantsDream_only_a_few_scenes_remuxed.mkv

Created repair file will be 
"Meteorite.ElephantsDream_only_a_few_scenes_remuxed.mkv" named.

Finally, the new correct timestamp of repaired file: 01:42 (only 
played/downloaded scenes!)

My request to experts:

Gain to FFmpeg the ability of correct timestamp feature of the Meteorite 
project. All sources in here: https://github.com/cbielow/meteorite

If it possible to implemented, no need will be remux and meteorite.

Best regards...

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