[FFmpeg-user] C920 h264 Problem

Jimmy Asher jasher at safarimontage.com
Thu Jan 26 15:21:06 EET 2017

I believe you are using an invalid pixel format value

Run the following command to get list of pix_formats 

> ffmpeg -pix_fmts

From documentation:

Set pixel format. Use -pix_fmts to show all the supported pixel formats. If the selected pixel format can not be selected, ffmpeg will print a warning and select the best pixel format supported by the encoder. If pix_fmt is prefixed by a +, ffmpeg will exit with an error if the requested pixel format can not be selected, and automatic conversions inside filtergraphs are disabled. If pix_fmt is a single +, ffmpeg selects the same pixel format as the input (or graph output) and automatic conversions are disabled.


H264 encoding guide...


FFMpeg hardware acceleration guide

Google is your friend ;)

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