[FFmpeg-user] C920 h264 Problem

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 16:25:13 EET 2017

Canberk Demirsoy (Alumni) wrote:
> Hey buddy, i am google -ing for weeks. And you are telling me what i know
> now. C920 is enable to get compressed h264 in 30fps in 1080p. This can be
> seen by the listing formats there is no problem with it. i already set
> pix_ftm.

Maybe what Jimmy is saying is you don't need -pix_fmt h264 as you
already have -input_format h264. If removing it gives the same logging
output then it's not needed.

As has been said, you are getting compressed h264 from the camera, but
you are using -r 20 which means you are requesting 20 fps not 30. You
should also probably use -framerate 30 rather than -r 30 - there may
be a difference in behavior.

The fact you see yuvj420p is not an error, it is reporting what the
h264 stream was before it was encoded.

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