[FFmpeg-user] Static ARMEL ffmpeg build on Zero not resolving domains properly?

christina zou zou.christina at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 12:09:31 EET 2017


I have a Pi Zero and am using ffmpeg to stream to platforms like Youtube
and Twitch.

I was instructed from #ffmpeg's IRC channel to install the static ARMEL
ffmpeg tar from https://www.johnvansickle.com/ffmpeg/. It is called
- md5

Using this version of ffmpeg, I am able to livestream to platforms like
Youtube and Twitch Live, but I'm forced to use the IP addresses in the RTMP
URLs to avoid a DNS issue. This DNS issue was repro'd by others helping me
on the IRC channel, so they advised the IP address approach. They told me
the ARMHF version resolved this issue, but I would have to manually compile
it for the Zero, and it was complicated (my memory is hazy here...)

Now I am attempting to stream to Facebook Live, where it seems like the
RTMP URL's IP address changes, and I'm getting a 'failed to read RTMP
packet header' error.

I am trying to remember the names of the users I interacted with on
#ffmpeg.. I think I remember @furq?

I'm wondering if I should use a different version of ffmpeg, and if so, how
to obtain/build it for the Zero?


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