[FFmpeg-user] Report non Compliance with License

tracy tracy_anne at feral-penguin.com.au
Fri Jan 27 08:15:43 EET 2017

I'm attempting to contact someone with whom I can report a non
compliance with ffmpsg's License terms.

The following Company

VideoSurgeon at http://videosurgeon.net/jv/4/ (see attachment) appears
not to be in compliance with the terms of the License. The following
conditions do not appear to be met

    Distribute the source code of FFmpeg, no matter if you modified it
    or not.
    Make sure the source code corresponds exactly to the library
    binaries you are distributing.

    Explain how you compiled FFmpeg, for example the configure line, in
    a text file added to the root directory of the source code.
    Use tarball or a zip file for distributing the source code.
    Host the FFmpeg source code on the same webserver as the binary you
    are distributing.
    Add "This software uses code of <a
    href=http://ffmpeg.org>FFmpeg</a> licensed under the <a href=http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.1.html>LGPLv2.1</a> and its source can be downloaded <a href=link_to_your_sources>here</a>" to every page in your website where there is a download link to your application.
    Mention "This software uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under
    the LGPLv2.1" in your program "about box".
    Mention in your EULA that your program uses FFmpeg under the
    If your EULA claims ownership over the code, you have to explicitly
    mention that you do not own FFmpeg, and where the relevant owners can be found.
    Remove any prohibition of reverse engineering from your EULA.
    Apply the same changes to all translations of your EULA.
    Do not misspell FFmpeg (two capitals F and lowercase "mpeg").
    Do not rename FFmpeg dlls to some obfuscated name, but adding a
    suffix or prefix is fine (renaming "avcodec.dll" to "MyProgDec.dll" is not fine, but to "avcodec-MyProg.dll" is).
    Go through all the items again for any LGPL external library you
    compiled into FFmpeg (for example LAME).
    Make sure your program is not using any GPL libraries (notably


Tracy Barlow

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