[FFmpeg-user] Convert MPEG-PS progressive to Interlaced

Rens Dijkshoorn rens at offlinemedia.nl
Mon Jan 30 00:35:09 EET 2017

>> For proper interlaced encoding the encoder needs to be
>> interlaced aware of this field structure and the possiblity
>> of temporal difference between fields in one video frame.
> But even then the output would (most likely, command line
> and complete, uncut console output missing) still not be
> field-encoded.

Depends what you mean by that, this command will create an
interlaced frame from 25 FPS footage but as they originate
from the same frame there is no temporal difference between
top and bottom fields.

It will not provide intra-field encoding. MPEG2 is to my
knowledge always frame base but capable to preserve
interlaced fields within the frame if flagged appropriate
as interlaced.


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