[FFmpeg-user] Convert MPEG-PS progressive to Interlaced

kumar vikram vikramforu at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 06:46:12 EET 2017

> >But the op specifically asked for field-encoding.

> Note to everybody (including me):
> Please try not to guess - if the op still needs the information,
>he can post his command line and console output and we can try to answer.

ffmpeg.exe -y -i INPUT_FILE -c:v mpeg2video -flags +ildct+ilme -vf
scale=interl=1,tinterlace=merge,fieldorder=tff OUTPUT_FILE

 (mpeg2 video is not necessarily frame-based.)

Okay I think I have left too much scope for confusion here. So let me just
clarify a bit.

Attached two snapshots from elecard stream analyzer.

1. ps_interlaced.png - is for the the I-P filed based interlaced stream.
2. ps_ffmpeg_output.png - is for the converted stream using above command.

The rect marked in red is the point which is the problem.

As per my understanding of the PS spec(IEC-13818-2), if picture_structure
is set to 3, it means frame picture.

As you can see in ps_interlaced.png, the field picture_structure is set to
either 1 or 2 which means top or bottom field.

I have tried the above command and several other options which I could
found from google.

Hope someone could provide me the right solution (if any such solution
exists with ffmpeg) :)

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