[FFmpeg-user] does anyone have a working ffplay ffmpeg with SDL_mixer and SDL2 ?

jeroen clarysse jeroen.clarysse at telenet.be
Tue Jan 31 14:55:23 EET 2017

hello everyone

I am trying to get my ffmpeg/SDL2 code running with SDL mixer since I need more audio than only the ffmpeg streams. I manager to update the ffplay.c file to make it work in my own application, but since my app uses Mix_OpenAudio(), the subsequent calls to SDL_OpenAudio() don’t work : they give an error “device already open”. Even replacing the SDL_OpenAudio with SDL_OpenAudioDevice() doesn’t help. The device does open in that case, but no audio is played.

I have found this code :


but that is rather high-level and I was hoping someone might have a patched version of ffplay.c which uses SDL_mixer ?

many many many thanks in advance !


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