[FFmpeg-user] error with libvpx-vp9

Lou lou at lrcd.com
Thu May 11 22:01:29 EEST 2017

On Wed, May 10, 2017, at 06:35 AM, Satya Prakash wrote:
> Hi Team,
> your product is awesome for videos functionality, but I need one more
> codec(
> libvpx) with ffmpeg for "WebM" format. I try to install it but following
> error message is given with make command "make nothing to be done for
> all".
> please suggest how can we install it and you can share installation
> steps.
> server configurations are given below:
> ffmpeg version N-85988-g0177573 Copyright (c) 2000-2017 the FFmpeg
> developers
>   built with gcc 4.8.5 (GCC) 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-11)
>   configuration:

First you need libvpx. You can possibly just install libvpx-devel if it
is available in your repository. Current minimum required versions (from
the configure file):

VP8 encoding: >= 0.9.7
VP9 encoding: >= 1.3.0

Your ffmpeg configure line is blank. You need --enable-libvpx.

Alternatively, avoid compiling and just download an already compiled
binary from:

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