[FFmpeg-user] Random repetitions in output

Mikael Persson mikael.persson at liu.se
Sat Nov 4 18:45:27 EET 2017

The command:

ffmpeg -i somevideo.someformat %07d.png

I would expect this to extract every frame in the sequence and losslessly
encode them as png.

What actually happens varies with ffmpeg version, 3.3.3 seems to extract
all or atleast most frames, but its hard to tell. The version in the ubuntu
16.04 repo instead extracts most or all frames and duplicates a few of
them. Sometimes up to 10 x times in a row.

Version 3.3.3 also does not extract identical files when run on mac and
linux. The difference isnt visible, but the md5sums dont match.

I want to extract every frame from the beginning to the end of the video,
so this isnt a question of seek accuracy.

Is there a command that extracts every single frame, repeatably, regardless
of os, input codec etc, without duplicates or skips from a video?


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