[FFmpeg-user] dpx image sequence to ffv1 mkv issues

Camara CaamaƱo, Xavier xcamara at gencat.cat
Mon Nov 6 14:21:02 EET 2017


I updated the Windows build for ffmpeg and at least the error doesn't show up. I still get the warning of:

Cannot allocate worst case packet size, the encoding could fail.

However, after wrapping the 6k 16bit dpx sequence into ffv1.mkv and de-wrapping again into dpx, the checksums
are the same, so it's a good thing.

The last issue I came up to was the DPX version. My original DPX file is DPX version 2, but after de-wrapping MediaInfo shows they are DPX version 1. Checksums are identical, however.



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