[FFmpeg-user] slideshow with crossfade

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Sun Nov 5 23:08:19 EET 2017

>>/ffmpeg -framerate 0.5 -i IMG_%3d.jpg -r 2 -codec:v mpeg4 temp.mp4 />>/ffmpeg -i temp.mp4 -vf "framerate=fps=25" -codec:v mpeg4 out.mp4 /
> You should be able to combine the command lines using the fps filter.

I did already try that, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I did try this command line:

ffmpeg -framerate 0.5 -i IMG_%3d.jpg -fv fps=2,framerate=25 -c:v mpeg4 out.mp4

The first picture is correctly shown for 1.5 seconds, followed by a crossfade.
But for all subsequent pictures, when the crossfade ends, the next crossfade begins immediately.


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