[FFmpeg-user] Convert a frame to anything readable

Konstantin Kharlamov hi-angel at yandex.ru
Tue Nov 7 17:56:14 EET 2017

On 07.11.2017 15:29, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> 2017-11-07 8:40 GMT+01:00 Gyan Doshi <gyandoshi at gmail.com>:
>> On 11/7/2017 11:03 AM, Constantine wrote:
>>>           Stream #0:0: Video: vp8 (VP80 / 0x30385056),
>>> yuv420p(progressive),
>>> 480x640, 527 kb/s, SAR 1:1 DAR 3:4, 60 fps, 60 tbr, 60 tbn, 60 tbc
>>>       [vp8 @ 0x55c1ee9e05e0] Discarding interframe without a prior
>>> keyframe!
>> VP8, like most delivery codecs, is an interframe codec. Supplying an
>> isolated frame will fail to decode, except perhaps for keyframes.
>> What you could try is to extract all frames and cat them together in
>> sequence to a single file. Then feed that to ffmpeg. Worth a try.
> Doesn't work with VP* though;-(

Thanks, I confirm — it didn't work. That said, I have been thinking 
whether it worth writing a script to extract the data, and in the end I 
just cut the video through ffmpeg to a single frame. But with that frame 
it didn't work.

Anyway, to be clear: VP* codecs aside, am I doing right in the first 
mail? Mostly I mean the command line arguments to ffmpeg, though any 
hints, of course, are welcome.

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