[FFmpeg-user] Windows 10, ffmpeg concat/demux is slow... part 2

Kevin Duffey kevinmduffey at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 12 18:52:47 EET 2017


You may get further advice on this-  top-posting
questions tend to draw people (like me) out
of the woodwork.

OK.. this is my attempt at bottom posting.  I am using yahoo email.. the latest version i guess it is on. When i reply, I am at the top, and I now see the original message collapsed. Thus i expanded it and deleted most of it as you can see that I only have a little bit left of your message. Thank you for the links, I read those and now understand the top/bottom post stuff. I had a rough idea, but it made more sense with the details in those links.
The question I have now.. regarding this (and I do realize I hijacked my own thread to ask this question.. I have another reply related to my original topic in the works) is how do I get yahoo mail, and maybe even gmail to auto-quote or use the > and in reply? I currently have to manually select each line and put those characters in myself.   

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