[FFmpeg-user] Inhouse VODs on Windows

Wilk, Sebastian Sebastian.Wilk at stud.hs-coburg.de
Tue Nov 14 10:58:35 EET 2017

Good day to all of you avid Ffmpegpeople,

as the title suggests I am trying to create (at least a prototype, that is) of an inhouse "YouTube" if you will.

The goals are:

    Video on demand, users will click on a link/file, which should then open in a viewer (preferably browser)

    Quality (resolution) settings, so that the video can be viewed even if the bandwith is too small for the regular resolution

My question is:

How can I give the enduser the power to start the transocde/stream process?

During my testings, I started a stream in Ffmpeg and then captured it in VLC manually.

Ultimately, the user should be the one triggering this event, e.g.

User sits at his desk, has to watch Video X, clicks on a link/file which should trigger the streamprocess in Ffmpeg (hence I called it Youtube, as in the user decides which video and when to watch it).

Kind regards,


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