[FFmpeg-user] How to record via udp without c:v copy?

jjouv hcchnv liopoi at computer4u.com
Tue Nov 14 00:11:16 EET 2017

I want to record from sever that play rtsp udp
When I record without c:v copy I get lot of packages lost so i cant stream it well

the only way i can stream this live rtsp udp is put c:v copy

the problem is that when i do it i can't overlay on this video with filter complex
(i want get this live and imidiatly stream it with 1 ffmpeg command)
ffmpeg  -i rtsp://154.678.1.1:5554/live.h264 -c:v http://122.666.7.7/live.h264
That what i do now to stream it but i cant overlay when  copy is apply

I looking for any idea

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