[FFmpeg-user] question about displace filter

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Sat Nov 18 23:12:08 EET 2017

 > Yes, with geq filter. Remap filter documentation is on FFmpeg wiki.

I can't find an example how to make the Xmap and Ymap files with ffmpeg.
In the wiki the files are made with a C program which is difficult to 

This example is from the documentation of the displace filter:

ffmpeg -i INPUT -f lavfi -i nullsrc=s=hd720,lutrgb=128:128:128 -f lavfi 
-lavfi '[0][1][2]displace' OUTPUT

However for the remap filter we need only one 16-bit value per pixel. 
Not three 8-bit RGB values. How can this be created with ffmpeg?


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