[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg Hall of Shame

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 14:10:46 EET 2017

2017-11-29 12:43 GMT+01:00 Thirumalaisamy K <er.thirumalai at gmail.com>:
> According to LGPL / GPL it's necessary to provide the complete
> source codes which includes the objects that linked against and
> scripts that controls the compilation & installation.

I am not sure this is 100% correct.

> But, the websites linked in official download pages are not
> providing the complete sources. Only just leaving the link
> for the official ffmpeg sources. I have mailed to some of
> them. I have got the reply from one of them (evermeet.cx)

There are hundreds of FFmpeg copyright violators
that make a lot of money selling FFmpeg and there
is nothing we can do against them.
One copyright violator, Eric Carson, founder of
Digimetrics Hydra player even threatened me.

Why on earth are you attacking somebody who
helps FFmpeg users, has not even advertisement
on the homepage and provides all necessary
information you need?

It appears to me you are mixing up different
versions of the GPL.

Carl Eugen

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