[FFmpeg-user] HEVC Conformance Test Failed

Mark Thompson sw at jkqxz.net
Wed Nov 29 16:29:58 EET 2017

On 29/11/17 12:58, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> 2017-11-29 11:19 GMT+01:00 Zhenan Lin <zhenanlin at gmail.com>:
>> CONFWIN_A_Sony_1/CONFWIN_A_Sony_1/CONFWIN_A_Sony_1.bit
>> HM 16.9: a3ce3f936ff69ff1ec2621a622dd37ac
>> FFmpeg: c0a13e81b3a68c4263f240eb99a281b0
> Needs "-vf crop=412:236:2:0" for bit-identical output.
> Not sure if we want to support this, in any case, no
> warning is shown, so there is a bug.

"-flags unaligned" does this in the decoder (and is used in the FATE tests which include this file).

I think unaligned top/left cropping is also considered insane unless/until some real encoder actually uses it - this single conformance file is essentially the only instance of it seen in the wild.

- Mark

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