[FFmpeg-user] Opus : difference between .opus and .ogg file extension

nerbrume at free.fr nerbrume at free.fr
Thu Nov 30 14:57:08 EET 2017

Le 2017-11-30 11:52, Kieran O Leary a écrit :

> I know nothing about these formats really, but using md5 for this kind
> of comparison is sometimes flawed. With some formats, pieces of
> metadata like 'encoded date', or perhaps a unique ID can be written.
> So each time you run the same ffmpeg command, you will get a different
> whole file MD5 value as a few small bits will indeed be different.

Oh, didn't thought thought of that. Makes sense.

> I mimicked your command and produced opus and ogg outputs from the
> same input. Using mediainfo's trace feature, it looks to me like both
> are pretty much identical, they just have different values for 'stream
> serial number' and 'page checksum'. It looks to me as though both
> files are pretty much identical otherwise. Here's the output of both
> trace reports:
> https://gist.github.com/kieranjol/45edc4871270ce6110d256590e71e229
> I used
> mediainfo --Details=1 test.ogg
> mediainfo --Details=1 test.opus
> to get those outputs.

Well, I did first try with the graphical front-end of mediainfo, but the 
version I used somehow didn't like the ".opus", and didn't show much 
Comments. I guess command-line is always more reliable :)

Thanks !


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