[FFmpeg-user] Building tips for dual x264 (8-bit/10-bit) and building ffmpeg against these (dual ffmpeg bins)

Douglas Marsh ffmpeg at dx9s.net
Tue Oct 3 21:08:39 EEST 2017

I am posting this (initially) to ffmpeg-user as the developers list is 
busy with ffmpeg and not sure if this question should be posted there.

I went through the process of building x264 with 10-bit into 
/usr/local/x264 and tried to (quickly/briefly) build with suffixes (like 
in FFMPEG), but will have to hack it elsewhere:

~git/x264$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/x264-10 
--extra-version=dx9s-x264-10 --build-suffix=-dx9s-x264-10 --bit-depth=10 
--enable-static --enable-shared

Will have to review this more.

Want to keep the vendor (Ubuntu) 8-bit x264 intact and install a custom 
version of ffmpeg against it for 10-bit support as well, will make 
ffmpeg10 or something like that as well.

Does anybody have steps on ways (plural) to do this and keep a dual 
8-bit/10-bit x264 with dual ffmpeg versions against those libraries?

--Doug (dx9s)

P.S.> wouldn't it be easier to simply add an interface/option inside 
x264 to support both in one library somehow?!

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