[FFmpeg-user] Workflow for browser compression

Marc P├ęchaud marcpechaud at yahoo.fr
Wed Oct 4 19:41:52 EEST 2017

What the tricks (or the workflow) in ffmpeg libx264 on W7 64 ?
I have to upload videos on browser, I did the following things :two pass encoding for 1080HD for the main videos at bitrate 10000k, VBV minrate 10000k maxrate 20000k bufsize 25000k, for preset slow, profil high, tune animation.
But I have also in start 4s : header with transparency in which I surimpose an animate logo with volumetric light (have some ray that mean). The logo is small, so for better rendering in video I need to have a lot bitrate in this timing !How to do that with ffmpeg and libx264 ?

BTW, Marco

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