[FFmpeg-user] problems decoding opus from RTP stream

Lou lou at lrcd.com
Fri Oct 6 08:26:35 EEST 2017

On Fri, Sep 22, 2017, at 12:52 PM, Dave Horton wrote:
> I am trying to decode opus audio from an RTP stream and getting some
> errors.
> I’ve tested two different RTP streams (same conversation, one from caller
> and the other from callee).
> I am using HEAD, as of a few days ago.
> One decodes fine, the other gives these errors:
> size=      15kB time=00:00:02.38 bitrate=  51.4kbits/s speed=0.786x    
> [opus @ 0x7fcc1b000000] LBRR frames is not implemented. Update your
> FFmpeg version to the newest one from Git. If the problem still occurs,
> it means that your file has a feature which has not been implemented.
> [opus @ 0x7fcc1b000000] Error decoding a SILK frame.
> [opus @ 0x7fcc1b000000] Error decoding an Opus frame.

Try decoding with libopus instead of the native FFmpeg opus decoder:

ffmpeg -c:a libopus -i input ...

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