[FFmpeg-user] Problem with a onvif camera

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 00:29:57 EEST 2018

2018-04-15 15:04 GMT+02:00, Denis <info at denisgottardello.it>:
> Hi. With this command line I can capture the video stream
> from my personal onvif camera using my linux machine

> and the official already built ffmpeg executable from the
> ffmpeg website.

(There are no official binaries, the FFmpeg project only
provides source code.)

> *./ffmpeg -i rtsp:// a.avi*
> But I can't capture the video stream from another onvif
> camera, the command line is
> *./ffmpeg -i rtsp://admin:admin@ a.avi*
> The ffmpeg output is
> denis at tomcat:~/Scaricati/ffmpeg-3.4.2-64bit-static$ ./ffmpeg -i rtsp://
> admin:admin at a.avi
> ffmpeg version 3.4.2-static https://johnvansickle.com/ffmpeg/

Please test current FFmpeg git head, nothing else is
supported here.

If the camera cannot be reached from the internet, please
provide the console output for "ffmpeg -loglevel 99 -i rtsp...".

Carl Eugen

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